Male Enhancement Problems and Causes

A lot of men these days are overworked and stressed due to their lifestyles. You don’t get enough rest, and all you do is work. There’s not enough time for exercise and eating seems to be a routine that you need to do just to fuel up.

What’s worse, when it’s time to heat up the sheets, you have a problem as well. Male enhancement issues are pretty common these days, but not a lot of us guys want to talk about it much.

Maybe it’s got something to do with our pride as men, or we just don’t want to be considered weak.

What Are The Common Male Enhancement Problems?

  • Low Sex Drive – simply put, you don’t want to have nookie, even if there’s time.
  • Low Sperm Count – levels of sperm become lower than your normal output.
  • Weakened Physical Strength – you hit the sack as soon as you can since you’re too tired to do anything further
  • Ejaculation Problems – it can be that you can’t or take too long to ejaculate or worse, you ejaculate way ahead than when you are really supposed to
  • Erectile Dysfunction – the worst of the lot. Junior can’t get up or won’t stay up long enough to do his job.

Why Do We Have These Problems?

  • Damages to arteries, muscles and nerves can cause impotence. This may be due also to extra physical exertion and other factors.
  • Negative emotions like anxiety, depression and stress are psychological factors that can cause problems in penis function
  • Too much fat and obesity can also impact sexual function because it can cause blood vessels to narrow down and because of that, blood flow is lessened.
  • smokingSmoking, too much alcohol and other addictions can cause erectile dysfunction in some men
  • Diabetes and atherosclerosis can cause the penis to malfunction. See your doctor as soon as possible. Severe nerve damage can possibly be caused by diabetes as well. The blood vessels may contract so the ability to maintain an erection is lessened considerably. Atherosclerosis can also develop due to high amounts of glucose in the blood. Blood flow will lessen and can also be detrimental to erections.
  • One of the main causes of erectile dysfunction is aging. Impotence has a higher percentage in older men because it may cause problems in organ function and decrease sexual capability.

We guys don’t really like to talk about our problems in the bedroom, so we just keep mum. The problem is, if we keep it in for too long, it will lead to other problems like increase in stress levels and depression or worse, physically impair us.

Also, the problem can worsen since we don’t ask for help, and are generally afraid of going to the doctor to find out what’s wrong.

Guys, stop holding it all in. It will just get worse if you don’t ask anyone for help. It will be better to ask an expert in the long run.

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