Foods For Semen Enhancement

The right food is important once you and your wife decide to conceive. Your body’s sperm production will be boosted health-wise, as well as in volume.

This will increase your chances of a successful conception. Adjust your diet to add food that can promote healthy reproduction as well as sperm enhancement before you try to create a baby with your partner to make sure your semen is as healthy as you can make it.

Foods That Help With Semen Enhancement

  • tomatoesTomatoes – they’re chock-full of lycopene which has many health benefits – including an increase in sperm count and semen. If you consume tomato products regularly, your semen volume will increase, and keep your swimmers healthy. This raises the odds on your side for conception. Pasta and pizza sauce are good sources of lycopene, so have them in your diet. There are other good sources of lycopene too, like pink grapefruit and guavas. It is necessary to eat foods that have lycopene since they are not found in your standard multivitamins which you may be taking. Also if you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes, your weight will be steady at a normal level. This is also necessary for semen enhancement.
  • Asparagus – a healthy amount of semen may be produced if you have a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet as mentioned above. One of the best vegetables to have in your diet is asparagus. It is high in folic acid or folate, which reduces the risk of having neural tube birth defects in pregnant women. It is also particularly important for semen volume health. It has antioxidants that boost sperm health and raises the amount of healthy semen for conception. Broccoli, citrus fruits and okra are also good sources of folate, hence higher sperm volume. You can also get folate from multivitamins.
  • Oysters – known as an aphrodisiac around the world, the oyster contains high amounts of zinc. Zinc is vital in male reproduction because it promotes the function and production of healthy semen. Add oysters to your diet if you are trying to conceive, to boost the amount of zinc in your body. If you’re allergic to or hate oysters, there are other foods that are also high in zinc. Red meat, wheat, barley, seeds, nuts, lamb and turkey have high zinc content. You can also ask your doctor about supplements that can give you your recommended daily allowance of zinc. If you eat six oysters, then you can have about 76 micrograms of zinc.
  • Water – nothing will function as they should without water. You should have at least 8 glasses of water everyday which can boost your semen enhancement and keep the sperm healthy.

When you are trying to conceive a baby, everything you do is important. Make sure you incorporate these foods into your diet to boost your chances of conception.

Your partner will also benefit from these foods, so let her eat them, too. Good luck to you both.

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