Boosting Semen Enhancement The Natural Way

Low semen production can have a lot of negative side effects, and among those are weaker orgasms, a decrease in sexual satisfaction and worse, your fertility level may go down, too.

It can be a trying ordeal, but it can be reversed by simple changes in lifestyle. Stay hydrated, wear clothing that is less tight and add more exercise into your daily routine.

Here are some simple steps to follow for semen enhancement.

  • hot tubDon’t stay out too long in the heat. Exposure to heat can reduce your sperm count to excessive amounts. If you use the sauna or hot tub for prolonged periods, your sperm may be weakened. Don’t stay in there too long, and wear looser clothing, like boxers instead of briefs to keep your swimmers happy. If you’ve just finished taking a hot shower, place a cool cloth over your testicles for increased circulation. It can also help your sperm supply if your circulation is steady. If you work in extremely hot conditions, make sure you don’t take a hot bath afterwards. The water must be at room temperature or a little cooler. Don’t make the temperature too extreme, since that’s not going to help either.
  • Exercise. Moderate exercises when added to your daily routine can help your blood flow to increase everywhere in your body. The more blood flowing into your testicles, the higher your sperm count. Take a short but brisk walk around your neighborhood or do some stretching. Tai chi is a good and effective way to get your blood moving, too. If you add weightlifting two to three days a week, it will also raise your testosterone. If the testosterone level is high, you can bet your boots your semen gets boosted, too.
  • Hydrate. Everyone knows we need water to stay healthy. However, you may not know that it’s also an essential thing to have in semen enhancement. Semen is composed of 98 percent water so if you’re dehydrated, down goes your sperm count. Sixty-four ounces of water a day is the recommended daily amount, but more may be necessary if you sweat a lot when you work out or live in a hot region of the world.
  • Don’t get too much nookie. Your body requires twenty four to thirty six hours to build up its supply of semen after you ejaculate. It will also recycle any semen you still have, so you will produce more semen the next time you ejaculate. If you masturbate or have intercourse several times a day, you’re giving your testicles a hard time catching up in order to recycle and raise your semen supply. Each time you ejaculate, wait about a day or two before you have intercourse or masturbate again.

Don’t keep quiet about sperm enhancement issues. Do something about it so that you won’t suffer from problems later on. Help your swimmers out, pal.

It will enhance your sexual fulfillment as well as keep you healthy. It’ll keep your partner happy as well.

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